Artist in Residence – The Bothy Project

In collaboration with Marloes Meijburg
November 2015

For the last 2 years I worked indoors and I was focused on paint itself. It was time to go outside! Be around the rocks and the plants with the feeling of being completely alone. When I look back it feels like a dream I was living in. Back to basic, live in a cocoon.

My plan for my Artist’s Residency the Bothy was a research into colour. I normally focus on shapes, but since I’m using pigments I realize how important colour is. I duplicated some colours of nature as accurate as possible and explored different colour combinations at the Bothy location.

Most of the time it is the combination of colours that is fascinating. You can pick one colour out, but it will change completely. This I worked on at the Artist in Residence ‘De Torenkamer’ – Amsterdam, NL. I started the research where I left off in Scotland. I focussed on the context of colours and its importance of it in my images. (With context I mean; how different colours influence each other when put next to each other.)

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