It has been – inbetween lockdowns – a strange path to the exhibition ‘NEARBY’ in De Nieuwe Gang. Hence this digital improvisation about the exhibition that was planned for January 2021. The opening of ‘NEARBY’ will now take place on the 8th of May and the exhibition ends on the 26th of June 2022. More information about the exhibition will follow soon!

Huub Beckers (1946) has been taking photographs of the pond in his backyard for years. Besides digital prints, he also uses old photographic printing techniques, such as gum and carbon printing.

Lisa Beckers (1989), his daughter, found inspiration in the narrow-leaved ragwort (Senecio inaequidens) in her front yard. The plant has since disappeared from the front yard, but lives on in her paintings. Both Lisa and Huub work attentively in search of the wonder and the vistas that lie hidden in the seemingly small worlds.

Music: Joep Meijburg, Evening #3 with Eurorack Modular Link to youtube video